Here We Go!

I love blogs. I have been reading and following various bloggers since I was in college about :::15ishcoughcough::: years ago. Along the way, I have gotten many ideas which have inspired me: teaching demo suggestions, DIY wedding invitations designs, first home projects, baby names. As much as I enjoy reading the seemingly perfect paragraphs, I am a very visual person. There is nothing I would rather do than scroll through beautiful, bright, colorful photos that allow my brain to absorb the written words even more.

I have had many thoughts about starting my own blog but have never began for two reasons. One: I am not a good writer. Two: it feels kind of braggy and self-indulgent. However, as I get older I am becoming better about not giving a you-know-what about other people’s opinions and trying to follow my gut. My gut says, “Start a blog! Who cares if no one reads it. Don’t worry about the writing. Just start.”

So, here we are.

Hi. I’m Brit. I am a wife, mother, and teacher. I am hoping to share a healthy mix of teaching ideas, cleaning and organization tips, recipes, and general life stuff. I promise to not make this a look-how-perfect-my-life-is-blog, but show all the classroom fails and toddler messes along the way.

Since I’m new to this blogging thing, I’m not sure how to correctly ask you to follow me. Push a button, maybe? Who knows. Anyway, I hope you will stick with me. Here we go!